Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

Patterns, sharp edge angles, smooth transitions and even chaos demonstrate that variety provokes thought and conversation. That is good – even when we prefer the twists and turns of other styles.


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15 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

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    • jguider says:

      Thank you. I like to see the patterns in so many many things. I am happy I had the opportunity through WordPress to share these photos.

  2. Hero says:

    Love that pyramid….

  3. gourmandchic says:

    Egypt is on my list of places to visit

    • jguider says:

      Thank you. Yes, go. Traveling to countries to experience its people and history is a great reward in itself. I am sure you will enjoy. Thank you again.

  4. Tanner says:

    My mother spent most of her childhood in Cairo so I really want to visit. Fabulous photos!

  5. Nice photos – I particularly like the one of the single column of the bridge.

    • jguider says:

      Thank you. The light at that moment as I sailed beneath the bridge brought all the shapes and colors into place. Thank you.

    • jguider says:

      Thank you. As I sailed up the river and under the bridge I even took some photos of the suspension rods against a pale blue sky. Parallel lines if I remember my geometry correctly. Thank you again.

  6. eof737 says:

    Your photos are exquisite. Great post! 🙂

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