Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

I like the word ‘renewal.’ I love the word ‘renewal.’ Its mood is positive, upbeat and uplifting. With its parts, the word constructs the meaning of fresh start, a rebirth that returns belief in recovery, restoration, and perhaps immortality.

It is more certain in its meaning than other words. We ‘resume’ war; we ‘renegotiate’ because of conflicts; we ‘repeat’ mistakes and ‘return’ to places and habits both good and deficient.

We renew friendships and relationships and give them new life. We marvel at the renewal in each of nature’s seasons. We renew good intentions. And for those who glimpse and recognize in each other our penchant for peace, prosperity and cooperation we renew a faith in hope and order and spirituality that gives us strength to rise above our challenges.


About jguider

Father, Educator, Consultant, Traveler
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