In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “I Want to Know What Love Is.”

Love is never having to say – anything; although well-crafted words create moments that glamorize silence. For those who are old enough to remember ‘Love Story,’ well, I take a different path.

Love is the accumulation of wisdom and understanding. It is a journey and a destination. Over time, the travels that move us by jagged edges, uneven terrain, and serene stretches allow us to complete our life’s mural. In it, we recognize the value of the entire landscape. It takes time to appreciate the nuances and relevance of it all. When we do and recognize the elements that move us with emotion, we have found love.

In his clever piece ‘The Diary of Adam and Eve,’ Mark Twain reveals in Adam’s entries a growth in appreciation for his partner, Eve. It took a lifetime of observation to reach a moment whereupon Eve’s passing, Adam wrote “Whersoever she was, there was paradise.”

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